Electrical Power Technology

Our services:

High Voltage Systems

Our services in the field of high-voltage systems include the primary and secondary planning of substations at voltage levels 110 kV to 380 kV. The planning of adjacent interfaces to generation plants and storage facilities is also part of our portfolio.

Medium Voltage / Low Voltage – Technology

In the field of medium and low voltage technology, we provide planning services for medium and low voltage plants in power generation, transmission and distribution. This includes electrotechnical systems in conventional power generation, substations and decentralized applications, such as storage systems or e-mobility solutions.

Electrical Machinery

In the field of electrical machines, we provide expert services for static and rotating electrical machines at every stage of a project:


  • Technical advice to the project manager and the client
  • Clarification of technical questions regarding the technical focus and state of the art


  • Creation of concepts
  • Preparation of specifications based on in-house standards and applicable guidelines
  • Examination of offers from various bidders
  • Participation in bidder discussions and clarification of open questions
  • Preparation of a proposal for the award of contract
  • Participation in technical meetings or relevant studies
  • Description of milestones, activities and boundary conditions of the project
  • Schedule coordination
  • Development of a QA plan with the client and contractor, agreement on client reporting points and QA documentation
  • Reviewing and commenting on relevant documents


  • Supervision of production, assembly and commissioning, site management
  • Monitoring of the completeness and sequence of the production and testing steps and project deadlines contained in the QA plan
  • Documentation of monitoring activities
  • Checking for compliance with the applicable regulations
  • Participation in acceptance inspections at manufacturers’ plants, performance of production inspections worldwide, evaluation of inspections
  • Carrying out receiving inspections and assembly inspections at the power plant
  • QA within the scope of commissioning
  • Inspection of components and associated plant parts
  • Control of milestones, activities and boundary conditions of the project


  • Assistance in checking the final documentation for completeness and correctness
  • Preparation of a final report, including photo documentation of IEK’s activities
  • Checking for the need to amend documents, e.g. maintenance lists, explosion protection document, BHB, BTD


  • Expert, expert witness activities (on a professional basis)
  • Investigation of operational faults
  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Evaluation of service life – ageing management
  • Assessment of damage:
    • Description of actual condition
    • Recommendation for continued operation
    • Recommendation for repair
  • Inspection of system components
    • Standard-compliant design, e.g. ATEX, VGB, DIN, EN
    • Functionality suitable for operation, e.g. condition, energy efficiency